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About Us


Wine 5 Limited is a wine production company established in 2016. The company, with No. 10513782, was established in the United Kingdom

To make fine wine of different kinds which include Red Wine, Green Wine, Blue Wine, Rose Wine, and Golden Wine from the best of grapes. Wine 5 Limited is poised to making the best of wines that stand the test of time, with a passion for being the leader in winemaking in not only the United Kingdom but across the globe.

We work closely with different specialists and wine enthusiasts from different countries of the world to ensure that we make nothing but quality wine for our highly esteemed customers. The Wine 5 Limited brand is bound to grow beyond expected heights, and we will stop at nothing to capture as large as possible market share through the provision of good quality wine to lovers of good drinks.

The Management Team

Wine 5 Limited, is being managed by a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the wine and spirits business, spreading across sales, services, and of course, production. The team came together to establish what is predicted to become the voice of the wine industry. The market leadership and subsequent control of the industry are close to being achieved considering the strong team behind the company.

We are dedicated, through our management team and of course, committed members of staff to make the best of red wines, golden wines, and even blue wines thanks to our continuous effort and ingenuity.

Our People

We have over a hundred employees spread across different departments of the company. Our members of staff are carefully selected from the best in their various fields. More than half of our staff strength lies in the Production, Sales and Marketing segments, with the rest of the team comprising of Warehousing and Logistics experts.

In addition to our strong, professional and highly experienced members of staff, we also have a team of in-store promoters, working as consultants for our products and ensuring that every part of the United Kingdom gets out products, especially in leading retail outlets across the United Kingdom.


We produce five different types of wines in Wine 5 Limited which states where the name comes from. Our varieties include Blue Wine, Green Wine, Red Wine, Rose Wine, and the unique Golden Wine.

We use the best of grapes for the production of our quality, which underlines why we are taking over the market in a relatively short period. Our varieties of wine are one of the unique features of the Wine 5 Limited brand, distinguishing us from the competition, with our Golden and Green Wine brands getting all the deserved accolades and acceptance from lovers of good wine.

In addition to having an excellent vineyard from producing tasty, refreshing and quality wine, our team of expert “winemakers” as we call them, ensure that every drop of wine that enters into our carefully crafted bottles give a taste that is second to none.

Sales and Distribution

Every business strives on the back of a good sale and distribution team. Wine 5 Limited is not an exception, and in the quest to capture our share of the market have stopped at nothing to put together a team of marketing experts to ensure that our products get to the nooks and crannies of the United Kingdom, and indeed, the world.

We also have a strong team of agents and branch offices spread across different regions in the United Kingdom, and across the globe. We also ensure that our networking team of agents particularly focuses on major tourist attractions and destinations across the globe to ensure that the world enjoys the taste of good wine.

Our distribution network covers different channels that include off trade, on trade, traditional wholesale, direct sales, and duty-free. Wine 5 Limited is a young but enterprising and dedicated company poised to deliver quality taste to wine lovers across the globe. We might be young, but our exploits in the short space of time have further reiterated our dedication and passion to quality wine production.

The United Kingdom and the rest of the world can taste the good side of life thanks to our varieties of wine.